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Custom Lengths  
   - No Problem  
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​   - Up to 12' long

"We have ordered and installed a half a dozen or so drains this past year. What a Drain has been very professional to work with, extremely helpful and a delight to do business with. A super product that is easy to install and all of our customers are very pleased with the finished product. Thanks Dave!"

     Craig, Owner of Omaha Remodeling Associates in Omaha, NE

Affordable Shower Trench Drains!

(w/Pan Liner Attached to Drain Base by Clamping Ring)

1. With the Shower Drain in place (and plumbed) and the Pan Liner installed, REMOVE and discard the Strainer & Drain Barrel.

 2. Thread the 2" PVC Nipple into the Trench Drain.

3. Loosen the Collar Bolts, twist the Clamping Ring until it stops and remove it from the Drain Base. Screw the Clamping Ring on the bottom half of the 2" PVC Nipple extending out the bottom of the Trench Drain until it is tight.

4. Place the Trench Drain with the Clamping Ring attached back on top of the 4 Collar Bolts. Give the entire assembly a slight twist until it stops and tighten the bolts. Adjust the Trench Drain so that it is parallel to the front, side or back wall and level.
Install our Trench Drain, whether WATERPROOFING your shower floor with a Top Waterproofing Membrane OR a Traditional Pan Liner under your pour or hard-pack. ‘What A Drain’ works great either way!

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NOTE: Once attached, the Trench Drain will sit directly on top of the Ring Flange at a height of 1 3/4" to 2 1/2".

5. Place Pea Gravel around the lower drains weep holes and pour the pan with a proper slope to the front edge of the Trough. With a single plane, and flat floor sloping slightly to the drain, you can install floor tiles as large as you like! Some customers have even had one piece of stone cut for the entire floor, forever eliminating the need to clean grout.

The New Way to Waterproof Your shower
Using the new shower membranes makes the job of waterproofing your shower easier than ever. The membrane goes on top of your floor and the stone/tile is installed directly on top of the membrane! Doing it this way, allows the P-Trap to hook directly to the bottom of the Trench Drain for a superior threaded connection and a low profile. ​

A new bathroom, particularly a master bath is an important focal point to any home. A spectacular shower is an essential feature and not all showers are created equal. As a building contractor, I have often been frustrated by the lack of variety offered when it comes to shower drains. Finally, here is a drain that is affordable, easy to install and wonderfully creative in providing a very special feature to your beautiful new shower. When finished, the floor tile will come to within 1/8" of the front or side tile, leaving a very sleek (1/8" x length of your drain) gap sufficient to handle 3 times the flow of an average drain. (Note: A Decorative/Affordable Grate or cover is also available - see 'PRICING & GRATES' page)

The Trench Drain offers: 
  • Simplicity of Installation
  • A low profile for minimal shower pan height 
  • The opportunity to use large floor tiles on your shower floor 
  • Threaded discharge to receive a 2” or 1 1/2" male adapter in PVC or Copper
  • A beautiful, unique finished effect for the customized bathroom shower
  • Your choice of a Bottom Discharge Drain or a Side Discharge Drain
  • Waterproof Glue Flange is available to interface with your waterproofing system
  • Custom Drain lengths are available at NO EXTRA CHARGE - just ask

The Trench Drain is available in five (5) sizes – 2', 3',4', 5' and 6' lengths (or ANY SIZE in between) and is 2 7/8" wide x 2" high (click on the 'SPECIFICATION' button below for a detailed drawing) . Because it is made from a plastic composition, it is extremely smooth and everything from soapy water to hair flows easily and quickly thru the drain. As a bottom discharge, this drain offers a very low profile. PLUS, this drain can easily be flush mounted in the floor for the Barrier Free Access Shower. For a unique look, efficient drain and beautiful shower, consider What-A-Drain. Thanks for looking at our sight and MUCH SUCCESS with your project!  

If you have any questions, would like to discuss your project or order a drain, Please Call David @ 810.357.5608 from 9AM – 9PM EST/ 7 days a week. 
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Please Call David 9AM-9PM EST / 7 days
New Finished Shower
Pics in Gallery of:
   1. Open Trench with
        colored Stones
   2. Drain Grates
   3. "Hidden Drain" 
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